Tips To Help You Choose a Funeral Home in Brisbane

You have a loved one suffering from a terminal disease and it’s almost obvious that they will die in the near future. And, with this hard reality to have decided to look for a funeral home long before it is needed to spare yourself the ordeal of having to look for one when you’re pressed for time and grieving. The funeral industry in Brisbane has changed dramatically over the past years, and there are many funeral homes Brisbane market has today. Funeral homes vary considerably on the prices they offer, the services they provide and their structures of ownership. There are basically two types of funeral homes Brisbane offers; those owned by corporations and those that are privately owned. Your choice will depend on your needs and preferences.

The following tips will help you narrow down to the best funeral homes in Brisbane.

Consult Family Members and Set a Budget

What amount is affordable to you – that you can comfortably pay the funeral home without hardship? Finding a funeral home is just like shopping for any other item. You must first decide on your budget before you go out shopping. So, don’t fall into the snare as many people do – finding a funeral home then struggling to find the money later. Shortlist only Brisbane funeral homes that are within your budget.

Know More About your Funeral Rights

You, as the funeral consumer, have rights according to the law. Some of these rights include:

  • Get a written, general price list from the funeral home
  • Get all the details you want over the telephone
  • Buy the supplies and services you want
  • Choose to or not to have an embalming
  • Buy the casket and urn from elsewhere ad not necessarily from the funeral home
  • Use any other container for cremation in place of a casket

What Are Your Priorities?

Does the location of the funeral home matter to you? Would you like it to be near the cemetery, place of worship or home? Is price a key factor? Are you on a flexible or stringent budget? Do you have any special cultural or religious requirements? How many guests are you expecting? Do you need a large facility with video screens and ample parking for the large crowd? Is simplicity what you want? Knowing your priorities will help you narrow down which of the funeral homes Brisbane offers that best fit you.

Choose the Funeral Arrangement

The funeral arrangement is the biggest factor in choosing a funeral home. You can choose one of the following arrangements depending on your culture, religion, budget and the wishes of the deceased.

  • Have the funeral service held at home
  • Have a natural or green burial – simple box or shroud that is eco-friendly
  • Hold a traditional earth burial involving embalming, visitation, and a structured service.
  • Have a direct burial or direct cremation without embalming.
  • Donate the body to a medical school for research.

It is important to organize a befitting send off for your loved one. But, you shouldn’t break the bank doing it. Consider what is important to your family and the dying wishes of the deceased, and try to stay within the budget as much as possible. Read more at