How to Maintain a Perfect Profile Picture on a Herpes Dating Site

Generally, uploading a picture to your profile in herpes dating website is easy. You simply browse some of your pictures on a computer and transfer one to your profile on the homepage. However, not every picture you upload on your profile in herpes dating sites is perfect. Your photo speaks a lot about you and you need to get it right from the beginning. Follow these tips to create a perfect profile picture for dating people with herpes.

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Use the right formats: acceptable formats for photographs to upload onherpes dating sites include JPG, GIF, PNG, or TIFF. Other formats are unacceptable. Besides, avoid using illustrations and caricatures or porn photos, as they are prohibited in online dating sites.

Use the right size of photo: in most online herpes dating sites, profile pictures should be no more than 5 megapixels. That means you will have to resize your normal picture taken by a webcam or a handy digital cam before you upload it on your profile.

Use a recent photo: when you are dating, you want your match to see you in your present or most recent status. Most dating sites for people with herpes prefer profile pictures taken within six months. The photo should be personal and taken at a closer distance to reveal your face, head, and shoulders. Pay close attention to your frontal face, as that is what most viewers see first.

Present your picture in the natural way: the profile picture should reveal your natural look, without excessive makeup, or appearing in a fashionable outfit. Just let it be yourself in a simple, natural way.

Put a smile: a photo with a smile is infectious and can draw more viewers to your profile. In a dating site for people with herpes, matches look for jovial partners with whom to share their thoughts about their conditions such as herpes symptoms in women, or living with genital herpes. Your broad smile is key to attracting more viewers of your picture.

Do not upload obscured photos: dating sites for people with herpes are platforms for social interaction and anything obscure is prohibited. Such photos don’t create good first impression. Therefore when you want to upload a good profile picture, avoid those in which you are wearing sunglasses, a scarf, or headgear that may not bring out your natural look. Uploading your picture on your home page is all about displaying your personality, which cannot come out easily if you use a dark or blurred photo.

Do not upload technological pictures: use of laser or some other forms of digital technology ruin your chances of creating a good first impression. Instead, simply use plain or single color background to bring about your natural look and personality. Ensure that the background complements your skin tone.

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