How to find a cattery that meets the needs of your cat in Sydney

Your next holiday, business trip or ceremonial event in a different city or country should not fail because you cannot travel with your kitten or cat. For the several days you will be away, it is important to leave your pet in a safe and comfortable place. This does not mean you should leave your cat with your neighbor. You should instead look for a good cattery where cats stay temporarily until the owner comes back for them. If the business trip or vacation you intend to attend will last for a few days and traveling with your cat is somewhat a challenge, look for a cattery Sydney has to offer. To select a cattery that will fully meet the needs of your pet, consider whether:

cattery Sydney
cattery Sydney

Dogs share cubes with cats

Where possible, you should not choose a cattery that hosts dogs and cats together. The cattery you choose should only accommodate cats because the noise, odor and sight from the dogs usually stress cats. If the service provider insists that your cat must share the same private kennel with a dog, look for an alternative service provider. There is no need to stress the pet you love with what it dislikes.

The heating system is functional

Although the cattery you choose may not give similar comfort that your cat enjoys at home, it should have a good heating system. Cats enjoy warmth and you have no ideal reason to deny them that warmth. Many people find this factor sensible during winter or any other cold season. Keeping your cat in a cold environment makes it susceptible to serious infections and illnesses. The good news is that any cattery in Sydney you choose has good heating devices that make the life of your cat more enjoyable.

The cattery has outdoor runs

Although you may have come across catteries that only offer indoor accommodation, you should not assume they are the only ones. You can still find a nice Sydney cattery that offers outdoor runs to the cats boarded therein. The outdoor runs prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading in the cattery and they also offer quality ventilation. In addition, outdoor runs improve the physical and mental health of your cat in a great way.

The cattery proprietor pays attention to vaccination

Most service providers in any cattery Sydney has to offer don’t accept cats that are not vaccinated. It is your obligation to ensure you vaccinate your cat before you hand it over to the proprietors of these catteries. Failure to vaccinate your cat in good time before you take it to a cattery will influence the development of severe feline infectious illnesses and diseases that affect their upper respiratory tract. Moreover, it will increase its medical expenses since you would have to look for a vet to treat it once you come back for it.

Special cat services are available

Ask the cattery proprietor if they offer grooming services for the cats that need it daily. For instance, Persian cats with longhair need to be groomed daily to make them happy. If your vet has prescribed a special diet for your cat, you should find out if the therapeutic meal is available in the cattery Sydney has to offer.