Ordering Custom Rubber Stamps Online

All businesses have to use rubber stamps on their stationery to meet with statutory requirements. There are a number of legal documents, purchase orders, invoices and so on, which obtain their legitimacy only when a rubber stamp is affixed on them near the signature of the authorised person. The traditional way of affixing these stamps used to have an ink pad and every now and then the stamp had to be inked on it to continue to get the best impressions on the formal documents. However, now there are self-inking stamps available. Self inking stamps have an ink pad, which are of the size of the stamp and are built inside them. With every downward motion of the handle, the surface of the stamp gets inked and one can get up to 1000 clear impressions. Even more modern are the pre-inked stamps which don’t need any inking at all and can produce crystal clear reproductions. If you need custom rubber stamps made for your business or any other need, find the right source and order them.

custom rubber stamps
custom rubber stamps

How to Go About Placing the Order?

When you have to place an order for custom stamps, first you need to decide on the size of the stamp. This can be done by first writing out all the content you wish to include in the stamp in your own handwriting and draw a line around it. This can be in the form of a rectangle or square and a circle. If you then measure the size of this written portion, you will get a fair idea of the size of the stamp you will need. Now you can go back to the hundreds of specimen stamps the website of the custom rubber stamps maker has displayed and choose the size and font and style of stamp you need. You can then place the order, make the payment and wait for it to be delivered.

Avail all the Added Services on Offer

Before you place the order for the rubber stamp online, it might be useful for you to browse through the website of the custom rubber stamps maker on the variety of stamps they can make and supply. The designs, types, and shapes, even the multi-colour stamps will all provide you with some exciting options. Since you can order and procure them online, the convenience is multiplied. You can find custom rubber stamps, which can be made even with your company’s logo on it. For this, you need to transfer a clear image of your logo in the format that can be used by the stamp maker to create the logo stamp and supply. There are ways you can order the rubber stamps through a simple online process on their website and get an instant quote to enable you to confirm the order.

Check with their terms for delivery and the charges applicable if any. Many such rubber stamp suppliers make free deliveries across Australia if the order value is above a minimum figure. Most details are made available on their website itself; however, you can contact their customer service executives over the telephone to know more.