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NMV Guide with tourist visiting NMB One of the main functions of the National Museum Volunteers is to offer foreign language tours of the museum.
For the many visitors to Bangkok, this has proved to be a wonderful introduction to Thai history, culture and religion.

Topics covered include Pre-Thai and Thai Art, Thai History and Culture, Buddhism and the Buddhaisawan Chapel

All tours begin at 9:30 am on the mornings indicated.
The meeting point is at the museum ticket office.

All scheduled guided tours are free, but the Museum entrance fee of 200 Baht must be paid.

Timetable: All tours begin at 9:30 am

English, French, German, Japanese

Every Wednesday and Thursday

Other languages:


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Saturday tours in English are no longer routinely available, but can be arranged by booking two weeks in advance.

For information and booking, please email Alan at BANGKOKNMV@GMAIL.COM

How to get there:
National Museum Bangkok
Near Phra Chan Ferry Pier, by Thammasat University.
National Museum (Phiphitaphan Sathan Haeng Chat) Na Phra That Rd, (next to Thammasat University, facing Sanam Luang).

Map and address (english / thai) >>>

Tour leaders contact:

Guide chairperson Pierre Trouilhat:
English Guiding email :
English guides

email: Alan Needleman


email: Véronique Amaré


email: Beate Schoenfisch


email: Keiko Arinishi

Special Tours

Golden Buddha statueThe NMV guides offer tours of the National Museum Bangkok for both international and special groups.

Tailor made tours can be conducted in the languages indicated above as well as other languages depending upon the availability of guides.

It is not possible for our guides to accommodate a tour group at the same time as they conduct a regular tour.

Tour groups are therefore asked to make arrangements for Special Guided Tours in advance.

To arrange for a Special Guided Tour for Groups, please contact
NMV Guide chairperson Pierre Trouilhat:

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