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Photography is a subject close to the King’s heart. To commemorate the King’s 80th Birthday, the NMV developed a project focusing on photographs produced by its members.

The photographs were assembled into an exhibition held in the Throne Hall at the National Museum Bangkok(NMB) from October to December 2007. It showed photographs from all corners of the kingdom, with subjects rarely seen in glossy picture books. An eclectic collection which includes the mirrored mosaics at Wat Phra Kaeo, a beguiling Hanuman and familiar Buddha images seen from new angles.

Complementing the photographs were artefacts from the NMB. These pieces, many of them relatively unknown, were specially selected to highlight the many hidden treasures of the National Museum.
A book of selected photographs with text accompanied the exhibition. The NMV has a tradition of doing publications to commemorate special events; this book ‘Through our Eyes – Thailand close up’ (more here >>>) is the next generation in that family of publications.

Through this project the NMV were able to share many of the special aspects of Thai art, history, religion and culture. The photographs presented a ‘new way of seeing’ while showing the detail that is so often missed in the overall spectacle.
This project was put together with the skill, passion, and dedication of a group of our members. It speaks for the NMV who wished to commemorate this auspicious occasion by sharing their appreciation of Thailand with a larger audience.

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