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Open to the public
In our quest for knowledge a Monthly Lecture is presented at the National Museum Auditorium.
This is open to NMV members and the general public.

Examples of past lectures:
  • Phra Merumas, the unseen architecture of Siam by M.R. Chakrarot Chitrabongs, Sastrabhijana of Chulalongkorn University and Patron of the National Museum Volunteers
  • The Sandalwood Buddha Image by Professor Andrey Terentyev
  • Images of Thai Women in Old Murals by Alec Gordon
  • Ghost Festival of Dan Sai, Loei Province by Ruth Gerson

Upcoming Lecture : February 11th 2016

Notes on the king's place in the temple: Jayavarman VII from Phimai to Bayon
By Christophe Pottier
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  • All lectures are held in the auditorium of the National Museum Bangkok,
    Na Phrathat Rd,
    Phra Nakorn District, Bangkok 10200
    Located between Thammasat University and The National Theatre,
    opposite Sanam Luang

  • Lectures begin at 10:00am.

  • Information about up and coming lectures appear in the NMV Newsletter as well as the Bangkok press.

  • Donation: Members 100 baht, guests 200 baht. No booking necessary, just turn up at the door!

  • For further information, please contact Aurelie:
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